General Terms & Conditions for Building Rental

Section 1

  • The Lessee agrees to assume and be responsible for any expense(s) incurred for damage(s) to the premises resulting from Lessee’s use.
  • Children accompanying adults must be supervised at all times.
  • All food and drink shall be confined to the dining area.
  • Certificates of General Liability Insurance may be required depending on the function.  Lessee will be notified upon submission of a completed Building Use Application form.
  • The church reserves the right to decline rental of the facility, rescind a rental contract or require a deposit as prerequisite to rental.
  • The church does not accept responsibility for loss or theft of articles belonging to the Lessee or any member of his party, or injury or accidents to any said person on the ground of or in the facility, and is absolved by Lessee of all liability, which may result thereof.
  • Additional attendants, i.e. parking attendants, police/fire supervision, etc. may be required as a condition of approval, the cost of which shall be Lessee’s responsibility.

Section 2

  • The telephone is to be used for emergency or local calls only.  Any long distance expenses incurred during a function is the Lessee’s responsibility.
  • Any items/supplies brought into the facility or placed on the church’s property must be removed within 24 hours of the conclusion of the Lessee’s event.  Items remaining after 24 hours may be disposed of as abandoned property
  • A Property Committee representative shall be on site and/or available to assist you or your designated representative throughout your rental time unless other arrangements have been made prior to your scheduled event.
  • All tables and chairs used in Fellowship Hall shall be set up by Lessee and returned to its original location.
  • The Nursery area is generally not available for child care unless prior approval by the church is obtained.
  • All safety, health and fire regulations will be followed.
  • Smoking is not allowed on the church campus.
  • Alcohol is not allowed on the church campus.


Section 3

  • Generally, the church building is NOT available for use prior to 1:00 PM on Sunday.
  • No displaying of sexual activities, drugs, abusive and/or foul language(s) and illegal activities, including by not limited to the use of words, pictures, songs, singing music motion, performances, etc.
  • Performances and/or activities that are  sexually suggestive are prohibited.
  • Adherence to building seating maximum codes.
  • Any fundraising and/or ticket sales at the door except for church ministry purposes must be approved by the church’s Standing Committee.
  • No firearms or other weapons may be brought onto the church property or into any church facility with the exception of law enforcement officers in the execution of their duties.