Building Rental Policies

Policies For Fellowship Hall, Kitchen, Library and Vestry

  1. All persons using church facilities are expected to leave them in the condition they found them and are responsible for all damage that occurs in all portions of the building they use.
  2. All trash must be bagged and placed in designated town trash bags.  Do not leave food items in the church refrigerator.
  3. The Building Use Application form must be submitted to the church office for approval and scheduling at least four weeks in advance of the event date.
  4. Payment for facility use is due and payable 7 days before the event (see fee schedule for details).               
  5. No tape of any kind, staples, push pins, etc. may be used on the ceilings, walls doors or windows in any part of the church building.  Duck brand removable form double-sided tape is allowed.  Any damage found in the areas of the building you used will be the Lessee’s responsibility.
  6. Commercial catering services and individuals providing such services are required to furnish their own supplies and utensils.  They are permitted use of the stove, sinks, refrigerator and work surfaces.  They are required to clean all equipment/surfaces used.
  7. Do not use the dishwasher unless instructed in its operation and its use has been approved by a member of the Property Committee.
  8. Groups and individuals from outside the church must furnish their own consumable supplies.
  9. Open flame candles are prohibited.

Sanctuary Policies

  1. Sanctuary use for weddings and memorial services shall be approved by the minister who generally officiates at all services of worship held in the sanctuary. 
  2. If you wish to use a minister other than the called minister of the Congregational Christian Church, special arrangements will need to be discussed/approved by the called minister.
  3. Ceremonies in the sanctuary are services of worship; therefore, photography is at the Pastor's discretion.
  4. Videography is permitted as long as he/she remains stationary.
  5. The church’s music director shall provide music for services for weddings, funerals, etc.  If other musicians are used, the church’s musician shall be compensated in accordance to the fee schedule.
  6. Generally the use of candles are not allowed unless prior approval by the church is obtained.
  7. Removal of flowers and decorations shall be removed immediately following a ceremony.